On 9 December 2021, the AIPAS General Assembly was held, which renewed the AIPAS Board of Directors and elected a new President.

Mr Luca Rossettini (D-Orbit), President of AIPAS since 2017, is stepping down in favour of Mrs Marina Scatena (SpaceDyS).

Foto di Marina Scatena

Marina Scatena, 61, born and resident in Pisa (Tuscany), graduated in Law, married with a daughter, is currently President and CEO of Space Dynamics Services srl (SpaceDyS) a company based in the province of Pisa that provides studies, services and software development for space applications to European and Italian Space Agencies and other public institutions and private companies.

She has a multi-annual experience as Human Resources Director within important companies in the fashion/luxury sector. The guiding thread of her experience has always been the firm knowledge of the rigorous value of individuals within companies and the great difference that can be made by adequate management, a constant stimulus to motivation and the continuous enhancement of human assets for the success of a company.

The choice of Marina Scatena by the AIPAS General Assembly, as well as the composition of the new Board including both new and re-elected members, on the one hand confirm the continuity with the mission of the Association and with the objectives and actions that AIPAS has chosen to pursue in recent years, on the other hand strengthen the willingness to represent the vast and rich composition of the Italian space sector in all its nuances and different capacities and needs, from Large Enterprises to SMEs, from Independent Mid-Caps to Startups, from traditional space activities to the New Space.

In addition to President Marina Scatena, the new AIPAS Board of Directors is composed by:

  • Gino Bucciol (Officina Stellare) – Vice President
  • Marco Casucci (INTECS Solutions) – Vice President
  • Federica Fistarollo (Stellar Project) – Board Member
  • Daniele Luchena (ARCA Dynamics) – Board Member, Representative for Micro and Small Enterprises
  • Roberto Medri (EXPRIVIA) – Board Member
  • Alberto Monici (ETS Sistemi Industriali) – Board Member
  • Pierluigi Pirrelli (SITAEL) – Board Member
  • Giovanni Sylos Labini (Planetek Italia) – Board Member
  • Luca Rossettini (D-Orbit) – Past-President


AIPAS, Association of Italian Space Enterprises, is a non-profit association founded in 1998 with the aim of protecting the interests of Italian Space SMEs. Since 2007, AIPAS has also given large companies the opportunity to participate in the life of the association, becoming an example of good collaboration between SMEs and large companies in order to develop a favourable ecosystem for all companies in the sector, regardless of their size.

AIPAS members operate both upstream and downstream in the space sector value chain. They are active in the main technology domains, including earth observation, navigation, telecommunications, space transportation, science and exploration, integrated applications, services, ground segment. AIPAS Associates have consolidated experience in ESA and EU, being Prime Contractors of complex activities, subcontractors and coordinators of consortia with several partners.

AIPAS currently counts 54 Member Companies, including 5 Large Companies, 1 Consortium and 48 SMEs, with a total of more than 3,600 employees and a total turnover of more than 310 Million Euros.