The call Quasar is dedicated to those startups that want to relocate their HQ in Italy.

The call is open to any company operating in one of the following segments of space economy: Space Infrastructure (In-Space propulsion, Space debris mitigation, Inter-satellite communication and Space miniaturization), Space Enabled Applications (Logistics & Mobility, Environmental monitoring & AgriTech, InsurTech and IoT & Connectivity) and Tech For Space (Data Management & Cybersecurity solutions, Adv. materials & Energy solutions and Edge computing & Quantum Tech).

The call has been declared by Primo Space (powered by G-NOUS) to identify the most promising ventures operating in the Italian Space sector and to help them thrive in the ecosystem.

Six teams will be selected and supported in order to prepare for the  final demo day that will take place in Milan, on the 3rd of December 2021.

Applications will close on the 22nd of October!

Please see Quasar’s call at the following link: